Sunday, February 17


I cnt seem to find the right title for today's entry.
There are so many things running through my mind... but mostly of how lucky I am to have MM in my life.
I have to admit in these last couple of months we've not spent any time with each other at all; mostly due to his busy and hectic shedule.. to top tht off the passing away of his nanaji and auntyji adds on to this.
However in the last 3 days he's made up for all of those months ..... its amazing how he makes me feel.... hehehehehehe i feel like im in love all over again :D

Here's a song dedicated to him :

Tum Saawaan Mein Pyaas Piyaa... Pyaas Bhujade Aaah Paas Piyaaaaa

Saturday, January 26


God it feels like forever since i've blogged ! I guess I've been busier than I thought.
So much has happened since I last blogged... I graduated, I started working with Maybank well I'll try and update whenever possible ...

Tuesday, May 29

To my Horror

While relaxing in my office today, during lunch hour sipping on my cheapo lassi from the mamak's downstairs, I had a shock of my life when i received a call from V. Apprently he was looking for my boss who was out for lunch. Sigh it feels weird talking him after a year. Neways... long story short. I'd like to see how he faces me in public after doing what he has to me over a period of time. Time for REVENGE :D and trust me it's really sweet :D