Tuesday, April 25

New Look

The old template thou simple and nice , was starting to look a lil too dull for me, sooo since im not that blog savvy yet; I found a website that had this pretty kewl template (there is a link on the sidebar that leads to the person who created it) and yea well ... its a fresh new look... sorta like the fresh new me .. well maybe not "fresh" me .. but new me thats a gurantee ;) ..
Ok back to my assignments now ... or I may just have another sleepless night

Strange but true...

Judging from my last entry dated sometime around the first week of april, I would have thought that I'd still be upset about the news that i'd discovered , but i am rather surprised that it no longer effects nor bothers me; but that's not to say if i were to come across this certain person i'd make any kind of casual chat, nope! I may not care about it now but nevertheless it was still a lie! a big huge fat one just like him (pardon the sacarsm) I wonder what ever happened to talks about "the only regret i'll ever have is that i never held you in my arms" at that point I was in cloud 9 today I realized it was nothing but a bunch of lies! I wonder what happened to marriage of convinence! hmmmm ... perhaps that is why he never quite gathered the guts to tell me about his engagement, that also pretty much explains the sudden coldness between us;then i was puzzled thinking if i had said or done something wrong(knowing me i never know when to shut up!) but in actual fact, seems like he was the one who'd done something wrong. No being in love isnt wrong but telling 1 girl ur only wish is if u could change back time, but its now to late because you will soon leave for UK, and getting engaged to a girl who is not from England really shows me what kind of a person he really is! IF only i had seen this sooner, I would not have wasted a good 1.5 years of my life waiting and hoping for something to be, while he was probably having fun with every other girl . oh well its his loss ! and hopefully i am someone elses' gain lol.

on the side, life has been pretty hectic with assignment due dates practically hanging like a sword above my head, the semester is almost coming to an end, and in 14 days ill turn 25! bleah talk about being old!!! all in all im looking forward to the days that come eventhou i know its not going to be easy! and yea sorry for the lack of updates jst been to busy with assignments! *sighhh such is a life of a student

Friday, April 7

it all ends ...

for a moment , i was stunned ... i was taken aback ... i coudnt quite believe what i was reading, but it was true ... it was happening and that is when it started setting in slowly but painfully ... it had finally ended, any hope what so ever of being one, and spending my life with the one person that meant the world to me had finaly ended. He was finally settling down, his engagement had already been set on the 9th of September 2006, and the marriage should take place sometime in March next year. How do i feel right now? numb all over ... Will I be able to move on ? I have in many ways ...thou often my mind does travel back in time... Does it all effect me ? Yes , it does ...how could it not?