Sunday, July 30

Long Route

When I look back, it seems like an eternity... I have had to endure many obstacles in life to get where I am today, I have failed many-a-times, disappointed my parents far too often during this period of time, yet today when I look at it from a distance I realize that I have grown in many ways.
For me , getting a scholarship from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology was possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me, I once remembered mom telling me "look at ****** she got a scholarship, look at ***** she's so perfect , don't know when I'll be able to be proud of you" and all of this would make me wonder if its true, that I'd never make her proud.. Today I can safely say in many ways I have.. I now live independent alone in Cyberjaya, something that I had never expected myself to do. I secured myself a scholarship, and above and beyond all I have 9 months (6 months + 3 months internship) before I graduate with my Bachelors in Communications majoring in Journalism and Public Relations from Curtin University of Technology.

Sunday, July 23

A new life ...

Applogies up front for not having blogged over a period of time here, to friends who dilligently continued to view this blog and ask me on updates, i applogise for not having done so.
Today I begin my new life in the hostel, indeed its been something I have been looking forward too ... away from it all; mostly from that wicked grandmother of mine who has made my life a living nightmare for a good 5 months or so.
Limkokwing Uni itself is pretty kewl, it gives me the feeling of achievement. One look at the building from afar makes you feel in awe .. what more when you're in the campus itself.
My hostel/condo is 5km from the uni itself its called Desaria Villa Condo, I got the master room and converted it into single... knowing my habbit of not wanting to share bathrooms ... however due to some unforseen circumstances i have to for the time being share the bathroom coz my bathroom is being repaired for god knows what reason.
It's 11.45pm and I shall have to sleep soon bus to uni leaves at 8.30 and i have to wake up mch earlier to have my shower....