Sunday, January 28

Streamyx or Screamyx ? TM Net or TM Nut ?

Until recently, I hadn't been aware of the f***ed Up internet service. Upon doing some online research, and having cracked my head with my the speed. I realised that all P2P were blocked!!!! I wasnt getting connected to my P2P softwares like Utorrent or Limewire. Even downloading from http sites were becoming a hassle. Bleah! I feel like screaming but I cant. Scared after sued for defamation :-s sighh...

Responsible Journalism?

Much has been said about Jeff Oii of Screenshots < > and Rocky's Bru blog recently in the main stream media. I am puzzled about what is actually defined as responsible journalism? In my opinion , responsible journalism is when one is honest about what he/she is reporting. Being an undergrad who is majoring in Journalism, I have understood during my study period what it takes to be a journalist. Journalist are to be objective when reporting, there should not be any malice or malicious statements made in their reporting. It is rather unfair that statements are being made about bloggers since the Jeff Ooi incident.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech? I realise that freedom of speech comes with a lot of responsibility and independent journalist i.e bloggers do write from their own point of view. All said and done.

This is an expert from <>

" Speaking later, Abdullah said the government would not censor bloggers but they had to be responsible and that they could be subject to defamation, sedition and other laws"

How are bloggers, particularly Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru not being responsible for what they write? They attribute the information that write, they show evidence of their findings, they give an un-biased report allowing readers to form an opinion of their own.
As I write this entry , I am afraid of being sued for defamation as well... hence I shall not go on further, for the fear of being sued by the Malaysian Government for defamation. All this has definitely left a bitter taste to blogging.

Saturday, January 20

Home is Where We Belong

A word that I've been dying to use. Eversince I've learnt its meaning and the importance of it in; I've began to treassure everything about a home. During the last few months, Mama and I have been busy running around and getting things done for the apartment. From meeting the contractors on a daily basis to ensure nothing goes wrong and everything is done accordingly; to getting the fixtures and lightings done. Yesterday, the furniture finally arrived ... well most of the furniture, what's left is the sofa set and two side tables along with the coffee table, which would most probably be delivered next month.
I felt a sense of pride, as I saw a house being transformed into what I call Home. Plain white walls, coated with soft pastel browns, empty ceilings being changed into plastered ceilings with loads and loads of lights. A rather ugly looking kitchen, into an area that will prepare probably the best meals ever served on earth, mama's cooking :).
The master bedroom, which papa and mama have decided I should take, considering the fact that I'd have to share my room with a guest(s) or move to the hall. The room has been coated with a rather earthly colour "morrocan mint" on the feature wall. Indian paintings will hang above my bed, to symbolise my love for indian culture and deco-arts.

I present to you our home, my family belongs...

Thursday, January 18


There was once a time when I used to be really depressed. I felt like I would never meet the right one in life, that I wasn't destined for love. Indeed the phase was horrible. To make things worst, my friends were settling down in life; some getting engaged, others planning their wedding and me ? I was just waiting and watching as they got busy with the next step in their life.
I was on a frantic search to find the 'right one', thinking every guy that came into my life could be the one for me, and often times I would end up hurt. During this trying period, Reena kept telling me, He will come when the time is right, and it will happen when you least expect it. You wont even realise.
Then I met Him, at first I never realised what it was , I knew that he understood me, I didnt have to say anything to him, but yet he understood everything without me saything anything. He comforted my fears, he made me evaluate things in a diff perspective. He made me see logic and reason to things , even when I was stubborn enough in wanting to believe I was right.
That was 7 months ago, and today I'm glad he came into my life when I least expected him too. Because I found my life partner in him. He knows who he is, and so do the people in my life who matter to me the most...

I love you Shona ....

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Meri Dil Ki Rani Tum

Meri Khusiyon Ka Mausam

Mere Khawabon Ki Tabeer

Mere Sapno Ki Tasveer

Bin Teri Kaisi Yaar

Woh Jeet Ho Yan Haar

Tere Saang Hai Saab Kuch

Tu Na Ho Toh Bekaar

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Sunni Khaali Raatein

Rukhi Pekhi Baatein

Haar Aahat Peh Chaukuh

Tujhko Har Su Dekhun

Tujhko Har Dam Sochun

Tujhko Har Paal Chaahun

Tere Bin Toh Jeevan Mera Hai Intezaar

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Tere Saath Jeeyen Jo Pal

Kuch Unseh Nahin Badhker

Teri Khaatir Saas Mein Luh

Teri Khaatir Jeeta Hun

Marne Ki Tammana Bhi

Tere Saath Mein Rakhta Hun

Tuh Hai Jeene Ki Vajaah

Kaar Mera Aaetebaar

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena

Monday, January 15


Lately, I've been told quite a number of times by a certain person that I am Irresponsible. Now from the looks of it, I do not think I am Irresponsible; it just happens that at times I am not able to turn up for something or do something according to that person's desires. It actually hurts that someone can actually have a label on me. One that I dont quite deserve. There are times when I wish I could kill myself before someone labeled me to be irresponsible.

Saturday, January 6


It's almost customary for me to change my blog template and layout every 6 months or so ... this time around I decided to go for something suttle, I guess I am getting a lil too old for those bold colours ... hope you like the new layout. Let me know what you think.

Friday, January 5

2006 in a nutshell

When I reflect back on 2006, there is nothing but good memories.... mostly because I didnt have any expectations from life, nor did i set any goals for myself... I simply let GOD do HIS work... and Im trully happy with the results... Lets walk down memory lane together as I go through the events...

January :

Nothing out of the usuall happened ... was still feeling shitty about the hse being sold, and having to move in with grandparents ...

Febuary :

Roopy came to KL, had a blast.... Saw someone I didnt really need to see , but what the heck I realised then that some ppl were a waste of my precious time.
Said goodbye to my friends who were flying off to Murdoch without me.

March :

Moved into PJ with grandparents ...

April :

Found out that a certain someone was getting engaged ....

May :

Learnt alot about accepting me for myself, learnt alot about accepting who I was , and why I was the way I am.
It was a turning point in Life...

June :

Met Him, what started off as a friendship; grew into something bigger and stronger without either one of us realising it, what was to be a " lets see how it goes" turned into "i dont wanna be without you" situation

July :

Ventured into my Final year at LUCT, expirenced many things like staying on my own and being independant....

August :

He flew off to Bangladesh for his project, probably a trying period in both our lives , nevertheless had alot on my mind especially Uni

September :

Nothing really great happened, Uncle flew in from Australia for a couple of days.

October :

He goes back to Delhi for Diwali, a surprise for his mom, and me .... we spend a good amount of time together. Works becomes hectic especially with assignments and presentations...

November :

He's back in Bangladesh, and Im running out of time, too much to study, too little time ... Final exams pressure mounting up.

December :

Reunited with someone special , after an absense of 13 years...
He returned home earlier than expected, my exam results are out ... I excelled with flying colours...


Life in 2006 was good, I could not have asked for a better year.