Saturday, January 20

Home is Where We Belong

A word that I've been dying to use. Eversince I've learnt its meaning and the importance of it in; I've began to treassure everything about a home. During the last few months, Mama and I have been busy running around and getting things done for the apartment. From meeting the contractors on a daily basis to ensure nothing goes wrong and everything is done accordingly; to getting the fixtures and lightings done. Yesterday, the furniture finally arrived ... well most of the furniture, what's left is the sofa set and two side tables along with the coffee table, which would most probably be delivered next month.
I felt a sense of pride, as I saw a house being transformed into what I call Home. Plain white walls, coated with soft pastel browns, empty ceilings being changed into plastered ceilings with loads and loads of lights. A rather ugly looking kitchen, into an area that will prepare probably the best meals ever served on earth, mama's cooking :).
The master bedroom, which papa and mama have decided I should take, considering the fact that I'd have to share my room with a guest(s) or move to the hall. The room has been coated with a rather earthly colour "morrocan mint" on the feature wall. Indian paintings will hang above my bed, to symbolise my love for indian culture and deco-arts.

I present to you our home, my family belongs...

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Reena said...

A home is where every corner has your love / your family's love. A home is where you rest your mind, body and soul. A home is where God's Blessings are seeked in everyday life. A home is always sweet. I know how much a home means to you, Mom and Papa. May God Bless Your Home with never ending Love.