Friday, January 5

2006 in a nutshell

When I reflect back on 2006, there is nothing but good memories.... mostly because I didnt have any expectations from life, nor did i set any goals for myself... I simply let GOD do HIS work... and Im trully happy with the results... Lets walk down memory lane together as I go through the events...

January :

Nothing out of the usuall happened ... was still feeling shitty about the hse being sold, and having to move in with grandparents ...

Febuary :

Roopy came to KL, had a blast.... Saw someone I didnt really need to see , but what the heck I realised then that some ppl were a waste of my precious time.
Said goodbye to my friends who were flying off to Murdoch without me.

March :

Moved into PJ with grandparents ...

April :

Found out that a certain someone was getting engaged ....

May :

Learnt alot about accepting me for myself, learnt alot about accepting who I was , and why I was the way I am.
It was a turning point in Life...

June :

Met Him, what started off as a friendship; grew into something bigger and stronger without either one of us realising it, what was to be a " lets see how it goes" turned into "i dont wanna be without you" situation

July :

Ventured into my Final year at LUCT, expirenced many things like staying on my own and being independant....

August :

He flew off to Bangladesh for his project, probably a trying period in both our lives , nevertheless had alot on my mind especially Uni

September :

Nothing really great happened, Uncle flew in from Australia for a couple of days.

October :

He goes back to Delhi for Diwali, a surprise for his mom, and me .... we spend a good amount of time together. Works becomes hectic especially with assignments and presentations...

November :

He's back in Bangladesh, and Im running out of time, too much to study, too little time ... Final exams pressure mounting up.

December :

Reunited with someone special , after an absense of 13 years...
He returned home earlier than expected, my exam results are out ... I excelled with flying colours...


Life in 2006 was good, I could not have asked for a better year.

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