Monday, June 5


Hence forth this blog will only be used for general stuff... personal rants involving feelings, breakup's , fuckup's will no longer be posted here.
The important people in my life will be notified with the new URL.

-jagdeep senghera-

practise what you preech...

hmmm ...
after much contemplation i decided to post my thoughts on issues that have been on my mind for a couple of days.
they say that first impressions make a lasting one. I dont know how much of a first impression i give a person in reality..
bt virtually people seem to think im everything they'd want in a girl.... but when they meet me in person, something else tends to take place.
now here is what i am wondering about . what do guys look for in a girl ? why do talk about witty and intelligent , when perhaps its the last thing on their mind. im confused :-s as hell....
why cant guys practise what they preech...
be honest and say whats on ure mind, rather then tryin to prove to be different when in reality ur only goona make ure self look horrible..
im yet to meet a guy who means what says and says what he means ... maybe H , he was the only person who saw me for me ... that's why we still share a bond that can never be broken... thou he's soon to be engaged... he will forever remain in my heart and soul .. for seeing me as me and loving me for the crazy stupid tihngs i did then ... i know he still loves me, we'll always love each other ... that's a given. Coz no other guy in the world would call me up at 4 am just to tell me he loves me and goes back to sleep.