Tuesday, May 29

To my Horror

While relaxing in my office today, during lunch hour sipping on my cheapo lassi from the mamak's downstairs, I had a shock of my life when i received a call from V. Apprently he was looking for my boss who was out for lunch. Sigh it feels weird talking him after a year. Neways... long story short. I'd like to see how he faces me in public after doing what he has to me over a period of time. Time for REVENGE :D and trust me it's really sweet :D

Sunday, May 20

A New Journey

Finally the time has arrived, for me to embark on a whole new journey, to be exposed to a whole new life, to finally be independent.
I have been accepted as an intern at the IPRM (Institute of Public Relations Malaysia) ; for many it may not be a big deal; but to me it is going to be a life changing experience. My internship position begins tomorrow and will end on the 20th July 2007. After which I'll be attending my graduation ceremony in LimKokWing on the 28th of July 2007.
I can hardly believe I've finally left University and am on the way of becoming an executive at a PR firm , or whereever else life takes me.
Well here's to a new and better tomorrow. Wish me luck guys, and keep a look out for more updates. Till than take care :)