Monday, September 25

3 months on...

and life has never been better. Uni, although hectic; is progressing in the right direction. At least I hope so.
Everything in my life seems to be turning out perfectly for a change. Met someone; who seems interested in me, and its been 3 excllent months; thou he's in Bangladesh now for a project. He'll be back soon :D , mom is okie with the idea of him being in my life, Reena is skeptical but I know she only wants the best for me.
My home is just about complete, should be getting the keys within a couple of days, took the liberty to take some photographs yesterday when we went to view our apartment. Will include the pics here.
I'm not complaining anymore, maybe because I am finally happy with alot of things; and I pray it never ends.

Photographs of my HOME :D


Reena said...

May God bless you always and shower you with all the happiness that you truly deserve. I'm in joy when I see you happy. Lots of love.

DarkPrincess said...

you're a major factor in my happiness reena... and i believe you know that *hugss*

John said...

Looks hell of lot better than Desaria Villa, your new place :)