Monday, March 12


It feels like forever since I've last blogged about anything... more so when it comes to issues that are a close to my heart.

When I look back, I don't quite see the old me anymore... with the passing time that person has somehow vanished and evaporated into thin air.

Not many realise I've been in a relationship for close to 9 months now; and those who do realise that fact have made it a promise to keep it silent.

However , today I feel like talking about him.. I've mentioned him in previous posts but I've never got around to talking about him in the open... but today I'll take the first step in attempt to let the world have a peek at my husband-to-be.

As mentioned, we met some 9 months ago, this happened when the last thing I was looking for was to be in a relationship. I had just been through a horrible expreice with V (who by the way is getting married this coming saturday). Manu Mehta was truly a friend when we'd first met... he'd seen me in my worst possible state of depression... and he transformed me into what I am today. He saw the potentials in me, and he gave me the strength to believe I was capable of achieving anything and everything that I desired.

I never really understood what we shared, except of course that we were really close.... he seemed to have understood my thoughts, my fears and my desires...

When we both realised where our friendship had taken us too, neither of us were able to understand how it'd happen... at times the both of us sit and talk, and when we look back both of us cant seem to think how and when it happened; but we both know it did.

Reena was probably the first person who knew, she was skeptical then ;very might I add. Over the period of time he somehow managed to get on the good side of Reena (who isnt that sketpical anymore), I realised he was serious about our relationship when he first spoke to my mother. No guy I'd ever known or been in a relationship was ever ready to speak to my mom.

We're hoping to be engaged sometime around this year , having the blessings of both our parents ... my parents feel he's right for me.. and I know he's right for me ..

There isnt a particular reason for this posting apart from wanting to take the first step in introducing my boyfriend. I'm just allowing my thoughts to flow onto this platform...

Shona, I know its a tad bit early ... but Happy Anniversary :)


Anonymous said...

Now this would be one of my aspirations in the engagement ceremony which will happen within this year by god's grace. I wish to raise a toast to :
"Here is to all those faggots who said dimpy wont find a guy to marry"
All those in favour, say Eye.

And darling anniversery is far for now.

Love u

Anonymous said...

Intead of Eye, please read Aye.