Wednesday, April 25


I know ive been missing for a very long time now; but it's all due to the fact that I've been busy with Uni and also handing in my resume to companies. I swear its not easy when it comes to deciding where to send my resume's too and which offer i should take. So far I've settled for IPRM , hopefully I'll get a call from them soon.
Apart from that, things are going excellent between me and M.M . Early this month he had a package delivered to me. In it contained things that I really really love.

1) A gorgeous fusia pink and blue material that was embroided nicely on the top

2) A miniature frame of Guru Nanak and the other Guru's

3) Bangles

4) 4-5 Packet of Bindi's

5) Lipstick case

6) Packets and Packets of Masala Chai (Tea)

7) Sweets

All in it was a surprise for me as I was expecting to receive a card only. Heh! I love suprises especially ones like these :D Last week I spoke to his mom and thanked her for the stuff, and it would seem that things are headed in the right direction and with the grace of GOD it should all go well.
On another note, Kiran is back in Malaysia for 4 months, and her 1 month is already up... guwe're looking forward to our trip to Penang which is in the planning stages right now; if all goes well we will be leaving on the 15th of May.
I've got a good week to go before I officially finish Uni. I have a final exam on the 12th May which I'm assuming I'll do okie, just as long as I remember my PR theories.
So that's the latest update. I may not be be able to update this site for sometime due to my hectic schedule but I'll promise to keep you guys updated as an when things happen. Ta'

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