Sunday, February 17


I cnt seem to find the right title for today's entry.
There are so many things running through my mind... but mostly of how lucky I am to have MM in my life.
I have to admit in these last couple of months we've not spent any time with each other at all; mostly due to his busy and hectic shedule.. to top tht off the passing away of his nanaji and auntyji adds on to this.
However in the last 3 days he's made up for all of those months ..... its amazing how he makes me feel.... hehehehehehe i feel like im in love all over again :D

Here's a song dedicated to him :

Tum Saawaan Mein Pyaas Piyaa... Pyaas Bhujade Aaah Paas Piyaaaaa


Anonymous said...

i like your blog, very honest, pls write more !!!

kenwooi said...

absence makes the heart fonder =)