Wednesday, January 18

Its time ..

that I start standing up for what I feel and not being stepped over by everyone especially not a kid who doesnt understand the facts of life and wants to have it her way or no way at all...
yesterday she pulled the last straw when she started lashing her anger out at me for no apprarent reason, while i know that she may be facing some sort of problems at home or with her personal life, but taking it out on someone else who was trying to be friendly doesnt quite fit the bill... mom has told me time and again to just stop talking to her, since she's done this to met several times but all along i felt that maybe she'll jst change with time , but i finally realized a dogs tail can never be straight... with that i decided that enough is enough and im not going to take her non-sense no more!!

on a side note i present to you my boo!! :D

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