Thursday, March 16

two weeks ...

it's been about 14 days now since i've moved into pj, how am i handling all of it? truth of the matter is , whatever the situation im dealing with i cant blame anyone but myself based on reason known frm my previous post, if it weren't for me dad mom and me would never have had to endure all of what is happening , but i guess it's a lil too late to cry over spilt milk, with the hope that with time everything will fall into place.. the rules here are a lil diff as opposed to what they were at home , grandma sleeps by 11 so she wants us to be in bed by 11 ... and she's up by 7 which means like it or not ive got to be up by then unless of course mom gives me the green light to sleep in , however that doesnt really happen either because i dont feel comfortable sleeping in .... life as they say is abt adapting to changes, and i suppose this is a change that i shall have to get used to, but it'll only be for sometime.. hopefully by the end of this year, i'll move into what would be my new home , where things will never change, where dad mom and me will have our privacy and space yet be ther for each other and forever

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