Wednesday, March 29

what do i make out of this ...

its 1.21 am, and im resting in bed while typing this entry ... alot of things are going thru my mind at this point of time, which is why i decided to jst let it all out here... after all they do say tht writing is a good form of therapy in this case its typing :P
a short while ago , i received a call from N, in the recent weeks we have gotten pretty close to each other, we arent dating, we arent seeing each other , we have not even met for that matter! yet there is this feeling of comfort zone when i talk to him , expressing myself to a person of the opposite sex has never been easier! no doubt i do feel that there is some sort of chemistry however it could be one-sided and perhaps it would be best to just push those "chemistry" kind of feelings aside for now.. in the recent weeks we have talked about relationships in general of course and we both have agreed that if its meant to be then nothing and no one can stop it, however if it is not then we'd still be there for each other as friends..
N seems to be a person who is compassionate , perhaps a lil reserved, someone who enjoys spending time at home , playing with his doggies and i sorta admire these things in a man ... perhaps it because i seek these things in the man i see myself spending an eternity with, these were the same things that made me love V the way i did , but all of this is yet to be seen .... for now N is a good friend, a fantastic person with a fantastic personality who has no qualms about making me feel special, he reminds me a lil of H, at least he sounds that way .. and only H would call me up at wee hours in the morning just to say good night ...

to N i dedicate this few lines of lyrics :

Aap Joh Paas Aaye Meree
Aap Seh Joh Hui Doosti
Khaawab Jaagne Laaga
Dil Koh Legne Legaa
Duniya Mein Na Koi Aap Sa

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