Monday, December 19


The clock is ticking, the dates are changing and in a matter of 2 weeks we will bid 2005 goodbye, and usher in the new year with lots of hope , lots of resolutions(sp?) ........ last night mom asked me wht was my new years resolution, and it got me thinking for abit ; did i want to make new ones and then not perform them? did i intend to make false promises to myself for yet another year? so i finally decided that this year , there was to be none, but that's not say that i wont better myself in the coming year ; i will but without any expectations of myself so at the very least if im unable to keep that promise for a reason , i wont beat myself up.

I do however intend to get better grades and that willl only work should i work harder then i did this semester; so far i've passed 2 papers . For Globalization and Media Technologies i got a Pass , coz i hadnt done my webct participation, had i done that i may have gotten a Credit im not sure. For Culture and Everyday Life i got a Credit. I was expectin to get a Credit, its what I had aimed for from the beginning of the semester. I'm still awaiting my results for Public Relations which is to be out sometime soon, but according to Mrs Tan I should have nothing to fear about because Murdoch Uni was satisfied with my work, soo im hoping for a Credit but a Pass would be okie as well... just as long as i dont fail the subject i'll be glad.

I've wasted alot of my time on education; because for some reason i was never serious with anything , and now I pray that this streak of getting through exams continue until i graduate , with Febuary not to long away I am one step closer to my degree... and in a matter of 9 month(excluding holidays) I'll have a Bachelors in Communications majoring in Journalism. sounds darn bombastic innit? but its all hard work and i intend to get there w/o having to repeat anymore subjects.

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