Saturday, December 31

it's almost time

With less then an hour and a half to go, I finally bid farewell to 2005. I've learnt alot this year more so about myself and how capable I am of doing things I never thought I was able to do.
Today we transported some of the stuff to PJ, it was heartbreaking to see the house get emptier by the minute, but there is nothing I can do now, except prove the world wrong in every aspect and manner.
I sold my piano today, something that has always been part of my life - my music. Mom felt it more then me, after all it was her dream to see her daughter play the piano , and play I did.
I may not have reached the tops but I went somewhere with it. I can proudly tell myself I completed my grade 5 both for both theory and practical, thou i hardly remember much of it now.
It felt good in someways knowing that the new owners had a gift in music, and they'd be able to do justice to the piano and perhaps even give it "life".
Alot of mixed emotions are going through me at this point of time, Im trying to be brave; but it seems impossible nevertheless I shall have to try.
Tomorrow I shall begin a fresh new start for myself, I shall try and forget everything of the past especially those that have caused tears in mylife , as known its usually easier said then done but in my case it will have to be done. My only hope is that GOD guides me through this journey, just like HE has in the past ... and HE gives me the strength that I need to achieve my parents dreams.

Goodbye 2005, thank you for giving me a gift ever so precious that I'll forever be grateful for.

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