Wednesday, December 28


I'm turning 25 in May, and what have I done to make my parents proud in the last 25 years of my birth ? the answer would be plain and blunt NOTHING , at the age that I am now i should be able to give them a bigger roof over their head, be able to pay their bills , take over all the house responsibliites; instead all ive done is rob them from everything that they've owned... i took their roof away from them for my education.... ive increased their bills through most parts of my life with my extensive phone bills and tuition fees etc.... after 24 years today i feel like a COMPLETE FAILURE and this hit me while i was watching this movie waqt on tv2. I pray to the heavens above that I'll be able to give them all that they deserve and even more then that in the coming years ... and there is only 1 wish that GOD grants them both a long and healthy life so that i'd be able to make thier dreams come true .... or rather make my dreams for them come true

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