Monday, December 19

Down and Out

It's one of those days again where I am feeling totally down and out ... don't know if its the hormons or something else , my guess is its something else ... haven't spoken to V for quite sometime now ... did get a glimpse of him the other day while i went for my refreshers course ... while I tell myself the best thing to do is move on and forget the love that I have for him that has grown over the year; there is this part of me that does not want to give up hope.

I know he is leaving for UK in a matter of 6 months and I know for a fact seeing him before he leaves is unlikely to happen.... there is a part of me that wants him to be happy in UK and find that one that will give him his happiness there and then there is that selfish side of me that wants him to come back and be with me for eternity(thou like i said its highly impossible) but one can still hope right?

What's worst is I coudnt not get hold of him over the phone for some reason, I kept getting this short beep tones ; which could be due to network failure ...not sure on that thou; sighhhhhhhh *frowns*

Hope whatever I am feeling right now fades away fast , its starting to take a toll on me ....

On the side, been going back to the gym again , trying my best to keep and stick to the routines this time ; hopefully i stick through it got another session on Wednesday at 3pm

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