Sunday, May 21

Busy bee me

First off, I must applogise for not having bloged for the past week. Recent events left me a little unable to do much.

On Monday, I got into an accident on my way back from Uni.

How it happened?
I was driving back to grandma's place ... and I usually avoid using the Seksyen 16 road back because of the horrible jam. Somehow on Monday I took to the Seksyen 16 road thinking that classes had ended earlier then usual and I could beat the Jam.
Driving through the curvy raod along Seksyen 16, a Gen 2 in front of me brake'd and I followed in suit, not keeping my distance from the Gen 2. When out of no where , a Proton Wira hit the back of my car.. When I finally realized what had happened, and got out of the car .. I realized that there were 5 other cars involved.
The guy who hit my car was applogetic enough, and he explained that he had braked in time , but it was the car behind him that knocked into his car.
All said and done, the car suffered quite abit of damage which is now in the workshop being repaired. Estimated cost RM1500. Thank god for insurance and 3rd party claim.
Me? I suffered a somewhat serious concussion, was in a daze for a couple of days while running aronud and getting things sorted out since dad had fractured his wrist. It was upto me to get things sorted out.

To top that off, I've got my finals coming up.
I've got two assignments to hand in on Monday and Wednesday plus Journalism exam on Wednesday morning.
I've managed to cope with all of it with the grace of Waheguru. It's amazing how I am still able to do everything while being under so much stress. I guess I have learnt over the time to juggle things, knowing that I am responsible for mom and dad.

I better get back to my politics paper! still have about 1200 words to go , so far Mrs Tan said I am on the right track , I just need to add in a few more theories from the reader. I guess that's about all the update for now...

Oh I think my cycst may have grown again , been having this giddy spells and sharp pulls on my right ovary. Cant' get it checked now coz of all the exams. Will get it checked before I go off to Cyberjaya!

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