Sunday, May 21

Random Thoughts

What if Shakespere were right?
That all of the World is the Stage, and the people are mere actors.Each playing its role while HE who the world addresses(sp?) as GOD is the director if the World's play.
Isn't it ironic how when one studies numerology and astrology they at one point or another explain the individuals that we are or certain traits through the date/time/ place of our birth and true the name we've been given at birth.
If these data's make up the answers we attain through astrology and numeorology , that would you agree that we were born to receive that name.
The traits that we accquire is based on the name we've been given?
It sound's mind boggling and perhaps does not make much sense to those who do not beleive in destiny.
I was sitting the other day and it suddenly occured to me ....
Do a little test on your own.
Log on to this and register for it, look at the different reading you can attain. It may no have to be 100% accurate or it need not have to apply directly to you. But you may be amazed at what you gather , just as what I gathred through mine.

an excerpt of my prediction:

This child was born in the first part of Punarvasu Constellation. Her birth sign is Gemini and her sign lord is Mercury. According to the Constellation, she belongs to Gana Deva, Marjar Yoni, Marjar Varga, Adya Nadi and Shoodra Varna. According to the part of the Constellation, her name should start with 'ke' as in Keshar Singh, Keval Kumar etc. She will be a very quiet and peaceful person. Her patient nature will prevent her from panicking in a troublesome situation. It will enable her to face them with courage and confidence. She will be very popular in society and will never lack wealth, prosperity or luxuries.


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