Monday, May 8

I turned 25 ..

yes ... today I am 25 , so happy birthday to me! hehehe .. this year's birthday was different, no not in the bad sense different .. despite the arguments with mom last week, my birthday turned out to be more then what i had expected it to be. Considering the fact that i'd be busy today and dad gets back rather late from work, mom and dad had decided that they'd take me out for dinner yesterday rather then today. After 6 years i went to fatty crab! hehehe and i loved it !!! enjoying every bit of the hot and sour crabs :)) , chicken wings :))) , fried rice :) , anddddd COKE :)))))) !!!! HEHEHEHEHE . I also purchased a DVD which i intend to watch later on :P .
After dinner , while walking in tmn megah pasar malam i came accross this stall that sells car accesories and mom and dad knew i was going to stop there because i'd seen what i'd been looking for all along PATRICK CAR ACCESORRIES AT CHEAP PRICE :D :D . So I spent a lil bit of the 100 ringgit daddy gave me for my birthday :P , and got myself a pair of PATRICK seat belt covers with a slot to put phone in and also PATRICK cushion for the front seat :D :D :D !!! i wanted to get the whole set,but then mom said it wudnt look nice, so i didnt get the extra patrick stuff.

When i got online i'd received friendster testimonials and also messages from close friends :) at sharp 12 airin called from perth to wish me , i was trully touched .. never in a gazzilion years did i expect her to remember my birthday , we spoke for abit .. while talking to her Prema messaged me on MSN wishing me ... as soon as I'd put the phone down on Airin(airin i misss juuuuuuu) , Gupz called ! hahaha i never thot he'd remember .. well he did asking me wht i wanted .. i tld him to go figure it out wakakkaakaka .... the entire today ive been getting text msg's after text msg's ... REENA on the other hand made me smile the entire day hehehehehe coz i'd received about 4 cards plus countless online messages wishing me :D mwahsssssss reena i lub ju!!!!!!!!

Since i didnt want a birthday cake this year, dad brought back a small packet of barfi mch to my surprise ... so yes overall this year has brought me alot of joy .. because i wasnt expecting anything .. instead i got calls and messages from everyone dear and near .. including the wicked witch who pretended she'd remembered but forgot this morning how lame :P , bt i got 10 ringgit (nothing new ... 25 years down the line and i still get 10 ringgit :P , nanaji also gave me 10 ringgit :D :D :D :D :D )
So im rich! and Im happy coz ... meeeeeeeeeeeeeee got so many ppl who remember me burfday!!!! :D yippie dippie dooo!!

(from now on, i shall try to behave like a 25 year old instead of seven) ahem ^-^ *cough cough*



Reena said...

Yippie! I am so happy to know that you had a wonderful birthday! I am ever so glad that you were all smiles on yr birthday! I wish for you to be smiling always and forever! Love you loads too *hugs*

Mei said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...happy birthday girlie!!!! Saw some of your pics on Friendster...looking very good! (Read: the diet is working!)