Monday, May 15


Ok post birthday entry.

Dad got into an accident, nothing major but still for his age it didnt seem really good. He fractured and dislocated his wrist bone. Good thing is he'll be able to get all the rest he needs, bad thing is he's being grumpy about everything *bleah*

With all of this, I managed to finish my media campaign *pats my self on the head* yeap yeap after weeks of slogging and no proper sleep , finally handed it in on Saturday. With that handed in, I've got my Media , Politics and Public Life 2nd assignment due and also Priniciples of Journalism's feature story. *bleah* Good thing? My last 2 assignments will be done by the 22nd of May *YIPPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Bad thing? I'm goona miss KDU and everything about it ... I can hardly believe I'm almost done in KDU.

Wicked witch of the West, East,North and South a.k.a my grandmother is being a major major major pain (nothing new) hehehehe. I'm just waiting for the apartment to complete which should be done in about 3 months *counts finger May- August * yeap yeap correct 3 months ...

Menu has been sending me the wedding pictures... its really fantastic to see Melin all dressed up .. sad bit we werent there :( oh well ... at least she had the most important people in her life with her .. her family and grandmothers.

Saturday went out with Reena ... went to maam maam BURGER KING!! :D hehehe me had french chicken. Swear to GOD that is as close as I can ever get to heaven :D and I also had COKEEEEEEE oops I know nt supposed to but hehehehehehehehe I deserve a teeny weeny treat right ? *yeap yeap thought so too :P *

Okie dokie ... me off to class now ... getting my 2nd assignment back for Principles of Journalism. I am praying really really hard that I didnt fail the paper. Oh year Should be getting Media Audiences 1st assignment back as well... I am shit scared about how that turned out ... Beth may fail me :( I pray she doesnt thou. I put in a lot of hard work for that paper... in fact I've put in a lot of hard work for all my papers this semester. Should I fail any .. I'd be a wreck!!!!


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